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(1) Hongying Zhong, Shi Zheng, Jieying Fu, Xiaoli Wang, Lulu Huang, “A New Micropipette Tip TMTipPPY-C18 for

     Desalting of Phosphopeptides”,

     Patent of China, Patent number: ZL 201110445490.2.

(2) Hongying Zhong, Youe Zhou, Qian Xia, Mengjie Ding, “Magnetic nanoparticles of nitrogen enriched carbon for

     enrichment and separation of drugs and metabolites in environment and biological tissues”,

     Patent of China, Patent number: ZL 201210026413.8.

(3) Hongying Zhong, Xiao Xiao, Xuejiao Hu, Shi Zheng, Lulu Huang, “A New Method for Sequential Isolation of

     Multiphosphorylated Ppeptides and Mass Spectrometric Identification”,

     Patent of China, Patent number: ZL 201210276524.4.

(4) Hongying Zhong, Lulu Huang, Xuemei Tang, Wenyang Zhang, “A Thin Film for Mass Spectrometric Imaging with

     High Resolution”,

     Patent of China, Patent number: ZL201510030221.8.


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